Legal documents

Welcome to the website, by the community for the community. This is an international not-for-profit association which goal is to inform regularly the MCR users’ community of anything of interest. Start by subscribing to the newsletter so that you can stay up to date with the publishing of new pages.

We are pragmatic aircraft users. Dynaero has been bought out twice for financial reason and put into receivership after posting a loss of 725,700 euros in 2010. In 2013 they posted a loss of 358,700 euros. In 2014 they posted a loss of 642 600 euros. Then they announced they were ceasing production of the MCR. In 2015 another loss of 772,800 euros. We think it is now time for aircraft owners to take the matter in their own hands and build a network of suppliers and knowledgeable engineers able to help support the airworthiness of the aeroplanes. If you have encountered difficulties with the Dynaero Company, whether it is with their aircraft or maintenance, you can send us your story.

Our association has full legal rights over the domain name as well as the content of this website. The information herein published is true, accurate and public. Copy is authorized. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by constitution. The formation of associations is protected by law against any hindrance, sanction or reprimand which could occur during the course of this exercise.

The Company AUPA Dynaero (France), represented by Fabrice DUHAGON is actively engaged in manouvres to muzzle our voices. Unsubstantiated and false communications have been addressed to some of our suppliers and partners, these threats and slanders toward our association adds to the list of borderline conduct from the Company AUPA Dynaero, whose managing director is Jean-Pierre LIBEROS, CEO is Michel ETCHEBEST and sales manager is Francois CATUHE. We hereby declare publicly that the Company AUPA Dynaero doesn’t hold any exclusivity over the word dynaero, neither in France nor anywhere else. The Company AUPA Dynaero has no right to censor this website. The Company AUPA Dynaero has no exclusivity over services related to the sales or maintenance of aeroplanes, whatever the models.