Let's start 2016

A new year is beginning and this gives us the opportunity to remind you that our association, formed by MCR owners, engineers and IT experts, is here for you and here to stay, unlike AUPA Dynaero who’s bleeding money since day one.

We have received tremendous support from you and we want to thank you for that, since we are working for you on our free time, it’s important to see that the help we provide is highly valued.

This year will come with all its surprises, but one thing we can be sure of, is that AUPA Dynaero will keep us entertained. Here are a few hard cold facts: First in 2012 the group Artzainak bought out the Dynaero Company claiming they would keep all the jobs and boasting they would show us how a production line should be organized. In 2013 they decided to move to Pau and almost all the staff was laid off, taking with them 20 years of experience. In 2014 they said they would design a certified aircraft or LSA, despite being unable to just deliver a finished aircraft as every single aircraft delivered would require tens of hours of additional work by the owner to be brought to airworthy standard. Another aborted project? Allegedly their manufacturing plant is in Portugal, where composite parts are made, but it seems only 3 kits have been delivered from Portugal since AUPA Dynaero took over, so much for manufacturing capability. In 2015, after more staff cut, they finally announced they were stopping the production of the MCR, pretending it was for strategic reasons. And during that time, the CEO Michel Etchebest was quoted in a newspaper article about a police enquiry in a possible unlawful business liquidation and a police search was conducted at AUPA DynAero, raising questions about the possible criminal conduct from the managing director Jean-Pierre Liberos and the sales manager François Catuhe.

For 2016 they claim they want to get into the spare parts business after acquiring Aerodif, a Company that was distributing spare parts for the DR and CAP range and put into receivership in 2015.

So for 2016, one thing we can be sure of, is that AUPA Dynaero will keep us entertained. One thing they are good at though is filthy communication. So finally AUPA Dynaero has some skills, maybe they’re just in the wrong industry when it comes to selling novels. Their next strategic rotation could be toward politics or children’s literature.

2016 will come with its surprises, but about AUPA Dynaero, we don’t hold our breath.