Police Search at AUPA Dnaero

A police search was conducted at AUPA DynAero, the company of the AK Group whose CEO is Michel Etschebest, Dynaero's managing director being Jean-Pierre Liberos and the sales manager being François Catuhe. The Criminal Investigation Department's policemen and Customs officers have searched the company based at Pau-Pyrenees airport. They seized computers and documents, broke into the safe. No public statement has been made by the Company regarding the event. Michel Etchebest, CEO of AK, had been quoted in the French newspaper Sud-Ouest about a possible fraud in the "unlawful liquidation" of another aviation company, the company BHR Hélitechnica based in Bayonne. On an internet forum, François Catuhe sales manager says there was a "problem related to export." As a reminder, a police search is the search for evidence of an offense at a person's home or the premises of a company. The term "offense" in French law specifically refers to the act committed by a person breaking a rule of law for which there is a criminal sanction. In this sense, the offense falls under forensic techniques (criminal offense) and not legislative incrimination techniques (paperwork "problems").